Man pages for CARRoT
Predicting Categorical and Continuous Outcomes Using One in Ten Rule

AUCArea Under the Curve
av_outAveraging out the predictive power
combCombining in a list
compute_max_lengthMaximum number of the regressions
compute_max_weightMaximum feasible weight of the predictors
compute_weightsWeights of predictors
cross_valCross-validation run
cubThree-way interactions and squares
find_intFinding the interacting terms based on the index
find_subFinds certain subsets of predictors
get_indicesBest regression
get_predictionsPredictions for multinomial regression
get_predictions_linPredictions for linear regression
get_probabilitiesProbabilities for multinomial regression
make_numericTurning a non-numeric variable into a numeric one
make_numeric_setsTransforming the set of predictors into a numeric set
quadrPairwise interactions and squares
regr_indIndices of the best regressions
regr_wholeBest regressions
sum_weights_subCumulative weights of the predictors' subsets
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