CCMnet-package: Methods to Simulate Networks from the Congruence Class Model.

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CCMnet is a collection of methods to simulate networks from the Congruence Class Model (CCM) for networks. For details regarding CCM see the paper by Goyal et al. in the reference section below.

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The CCMnet_constr function simulates networks based on the CCM for networks; see the examples section of the CCMnet_constr function for a few demonstrations.

This package relies on the network package, which allows networks to be represented in R. Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods are from the ergm package; CCMnet is partially based on C code from the ergm package (see reference by Handcock et al. below). The SNA package allows for additional methods relating to social network analysis. For detailed information regarding these packages go to the statnet website: This package incorporates an ergm-term coded by Nicole Bohme Carnegie ([email protected]).


Ravi Goyal, with contributions from Mark S. Handcock (ergm R package), David R. Hunter (ergm R package), Carter T. Butts (ergm R package), Steven M. Goodreau (ergm R package), Pavel N. Krivitsky (ergm R package), Martina Morris (ergm R package), Nicole Bohme Carnegie (ergm-user term degmix)


Goyal R, Blitzstein J, and De Gruttola V. Sampling Networks from Their Posterior Predictive Distribution. Network Science. In press.

Handcock M, Hunter D, Butts C, Goodreau S, Krivitsky P, and Morris M (2012). ergm: Fit, Simulate and Diagnose Exponential-Family Models for Networks. Seattle, WA. Version 3.0-1. Project home page at

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