Man pages for CHMM
Coupled Hidden Markov Models

BackwardRBackward step
CHMM_EMPerform exact inference of coupled hidden markov models.
CHMM_VEMPerform variational inference of coupled Hidden Markov...
clustersegSummarize the results of the coupled HMM.
coupledHMMPerform inference of coupled hidden markov models.
ExpGridWl Internal function calculating Wl.
ForwardRForward step
init.EMInitialization step of the 'CHMM_EM' function.
init.VEMInitialization step of the 'CHMM_VEM' function.
toydataToy example - observations for 5 correlated samples.
toystatusToy example - status for 5 correlated samples.
viterbi_algoImplementation of the Viterbi algorithm
WlWl Internal function calculating Wl.
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