Man pages for CITAN
CITation ANalysis Toolpack

as.character.authorinfoCoerce an authorinfo object to character string
as.character.docinfoCoerce a docinfo object to character string
CITAN-packageCITation ANalysis toolpack
dbExecQueryExecute a query and free its resources
lbsAssessCalculate impact of given authors
lbsClearClear a Local Bibliometric Storage
lbsConnectConnect to a Local Bibliometric Storage
lbsCreateCreate a Local Bibliometric Storage
lbsDeleteAllAuthorsDocumentsDelete all authors, documents and surveys from a Local...
lbsDeleteDocumentsDelete given documents
lbsDescriptiveStatsPerform preliminary analysis of data in a Local Bibliometric...
lbsDisconnectDisconnect from a Local Bibliometric Storage
lbsFindDuplicateAuthorsFind groups of authors to be merged (**EXPERIMENTAL**)
lbsFindDuplicateTitlesFind documents to be merged (**EXPERIMENTAL**)
lbsGetCitationsFetch authors' citation sequences
lbsGetInfoAuthorsRetrieve author information
lbsGetInfoDocumentsRetrieve document information
lbsImportDocumentsImport bibliographic data into a Local Bibliometric Storage.
lbsMergeAuthorsMerge given authors
lbsSearchAuthorsFind authors that satisfy given criteria
lbsSearchDocumentsFind documents that satisfy given criteria
lbsTidyClean up a Local Bibliometric Storage
print.authorinfoPrint an authorinfo object
print.docinfoPrint a docinfo object
Scopus_ASJCScopus ASJC (All Science. Journals Classification)...
Scopus_ImportSourcesImport SciVerse Scopus coverage information and ASJC codes to...
Scopus_ReadCSVImport bibliography entries from a CSV file.
Scopus_SourceListScopus covered source list
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