Man pages for COST
Copula-Based Semiparametric Models for Spatio-Temporal Data

Data.COSTData Generation
example.forecastexample for one-step ahead forecast
example.predictionexample for new location prediction
Forecasts.CFone-step ahead forecast by separate time series analysis
Forecasts.COST.Gone-step ahead forecast by Gaussian copula
Forecasts.COST.tone-step ahead forecast by t copula
Forecasts.GPone-step ahead forecast by Gaussian process fitting
locationLocations of 10 sites
logL.CFnegtive log-likelihood for separate time series analysis
logL.COST.Gnegtive log-likelihood for Gaussian copula
logL.COST.tnegtive log-likelihood for t copula
logL.GPnegtive log-likelihood of Gaussian process
Predictions.COST.Gnew location prediction by Gaussian copula
Predictions.COST.tnew location prediction by t copula
Predictions.GPnew location prediction by Gaussian process method
rank.multivariatemultivariate rank of a vector
Wind6monthWind speed data from 10 sites
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