Man pages for COveR
Clustering with Overlaps

as.array.intervalInterval to array to data.frame
as.intervalInterval data convertor
as.interval.arrayarray to interval
as.interval.defaultdefault to interval
as.interval.intervalinterval to interval
as.interval.matrixmatrix to interval
as.interval.numericnumeric to interval
as.matrix.intervalInterval to matrix
as.vector.intervalInterval to vector
cluster_colorClustering color for plotting.
degree2logicalDegree matrix to logical
fuzzy_icmeansInterval fuzzy cmeans clustering.
iaggregateInterval aggregation.
ibindInterval binding.
igenerateInterval generate.
ikmeansInterval kmeans clustering.
ineokmInterval neokm clustering.
inter_cityTemperature by month and humidity in european city.
inter_emotionsEmotions in music aggregate on BPM to interval multi label...
inter_wineResults of a chemical analysis of wines grown in the same...
iokmInterval okm clustering.
is.intervalInterval data test
measureVisualisation of overlap by seuil.
neokmneokm clustering.
okmOKM clustering.
plot.intervalInterval plotting.
print.icmeansFuzzy Icmeans print
print.ikmeansIkmeans print
print.ineokmIneokm print
print.intervalInterval data print
print.iokmIOKM print
print.neokmNEOKM print
print.okmOKM print
print.r1okmR1-OKM print
print.r2okmR2-OKM print
r1okmr1okm clustering.
r2okmr2okm clustering.
read.intervalInterval loading.
write.intervalInterval saving.
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