Man pages for CPP
Composition of Probabilistic Preferences (CPP)

Agg.SimAggregation of expert's estimatives by similarity of values
AHP.BetaProbabilistic AHP using Beta PERT distributions
AHP.UnifProbabilistic AHP using Uniform distributions
CPP.AHP.BetaCPP Additive Weighting with Probabilistic AHP using Beta PERT...
CPP.AHP.UnifCPP Additive Weighting with Probabilistic AHP using Uniform...
CPP.Axes.BetaCPP by axes using Beta PERT distributions
CPP.Axes.NormalCPP by axes using Normal distributions
CPP.Choquet.BetaCPP by Choquet integrals, using Beta PERT distributions
CPP.GiniCPP by the Gini Index, using Beta PERT distributions
CPP.Malmquist.BetaCPP by the Malmquist Index, using Beta PERT distributions
CPP.mbCPP with multiple perspectives for decision-making, based on...
CPP-packageA Package for the Composition of Probabilistic Preferences...
CPP.rhCPP with multiple perspectives for human resources evaluation
CPP.SAWCPP by weighted sum, with weights informed by the user
CPP.SAW.EntropyCPP by weighted sum, with weights computed from Shannon...
CPP.Tri.BetaCPP for sorting alternatives in ordinal classes
CPP.Tri.ChoquetCPP for sorting alternatives, based on Choquet integrals
Entrop.weightsWeights by entropy
PMax.BetaProbabilities of maximization, by Beta PERT distributions
PMax.NormalProbabilities of maximization, by Normal distributions
PMin.BetaProbabilities of minimization, by Beta PERT distributions
PMin.NormalProbabilities of minimization, by Normal distributions
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