CTP: CTP, a package for closed testing procedures

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Library of functions to design and analyse closed testing procedures for the comparison of population parameters based on independent samples.


Library of functions to design and analyse closed testing procedures for treatment comparisons. The comparison of the population parameters are based on independent samples. The function IntersectHypotheses creates the hypothesis tree (closure set) of a closed testing procedure. All possible intersecting hypotheses derived from the list of elementary hypotheses(i.e. the hypotheses to be tested) are produced. The resultant hypothesis tree will consist of the elementary hypotheses as well as all subsequent intersected hypotheses. The procedure ends when one hypothesis (the global hypothesis) remains. In this way, for each elementary hypothesis all hypotheses implying it can be found.

The analysis is performed using AnalyseCTP. First the raw p-values are computed for all hypotheses of the hypothesis tree, then the p-values of the elementary hypotheses are adjusted according to the closure principle i.e. the adjusted p-value is calculated as the maximum of the raw p-value of the hypothesis in question and of the raw p-values of all hypotheses implying it.

Instead of applying AnalyseCTP, the raw p-values can be computed using any other available software. For this purpose, the functions Adjust_raw is provided.

and summary.ctp.str generates a data frame comprising all the hypothesis of the hypothesis tree. The function Adjust_raw calculates the p-values for the given hypothesis tree from the raw p-values provided in the same order as the hypotheses occur in the data frame created by summary.ctp.str.

The results are presented using the generic functions summary and Display.


J. Bock & P.Jordan

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