Man pages for CTRE
Thresholding Bursty Time Series

acfAutocorrelation function
acf.ctreAutocorrelation function
bitcoinBitcoin trading data
ctreCTRE model
CTRE-packageContinuous Time Random Exceedances
empcopulaPlot empirical copula
flaresSolar flare data
interarrivalGet inter-arrival times
length.ctreGet length of underlying time series
magnitudesExtract event magnitudes
MLestimatesMittag-Leffler estimates for varying thresholds
mlqqplotMittag-Leffler QQ Plot
plot.ctrePlot a ctre object
qqestplot_staticStatic QQ Plot estimator
runCTREshinyRun a shiny app to explore a CTRE model fit
seaquakesCoral Sea Earthquake Data
thinApply a higher threshold to a CTRE process
timeSampling Times of Time Series
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