Man pages for CVarE
Conditional Variance Estimator for Sufficient Dimension Reduction

coef.cveExtracts estimated SDR basis.
CVarE-packageConditional Variance Estimator (CVE) Package.
cveConditional Variance Estimator (CVE).
cve.callConditional Variance Estimator (CVE).
datasetGenerates test datasets.
directions.cveComputes projected training data 'X' for given dimension 'k'.
estimate.bandwidthBandwidth estimation for CVE.
nullNull space basis of given matrix 'V'
predict.cvePredict method for CVE Fits.
predict_dimEstimate Dimension of the Sufficient Reduction.
rgnormGeneralized Normal Distribution.
rlaplaceLaplace distribution
rmvnormMultivariate Normal Distribution.
rmvtMultivariate t Distribution.
rStiefelRandom sample from Stiefel manifold.
summary.cvePrints summary statistics of the L 'cve' component.
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