Man pages for CaPO4Sim
A Virtual Patient Simulator in the Context of Calcium and Phosphate Homeostasis

arrow_lightingHighlight arrows for steady state events
diseaseCheckBoxCreate a checkbox for diseaseSelectUi
diseaseSelectCreate a disease selector server logic
diseaseSelectUiCreate a disease selector UI module
extract_running_simExtract the current running simulation
fullScreenCreate a fullScreen server logic
fullScreenUICreate a fullScreen UI module
generate_edgesCaPO4 Edges Generator
generate_networkCaPO4 Network Generator
generate_nodesCaPO4 Nodes Generator
generate_notificationNotifications Generator for CaPO4 animations
generate_userFieldsGenerate user fields
glossaryCaPO4CaPO4 glossary server module
glossaryCaPO4UiCaPO4 glossary UI module
helpCaPO4Help server module
helpCaPO4UiHelp UI module
infosInfo server module
infosUiInfo UI module
infoSwitchCreate a switch input for infosUi
make_plot_hypoD3Produce plots related to vitamin D3 deficiency (hypoD3)
make_plot_hypoparaProduce plots related to hypoparathyroidism (hypopara)
make_plot_php1Produce plots related to primary hyperparathyroidism (php1)
myCarouselcarousel container
networkCaPO4CaPO4 Network server module
networkCaPO4UiCaPO4 Network UI module
networkOptionsCaPO4 Network Options server module
networkOptionsUiCaPO4 Network Options UI module
plotBoxplot box server module
plotBoxUiplot box UI module
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
run_CaPO4SimLaunch the virtual patient simulator
skinSelectDashboard skin selector, server side
skinSelectUiDashboard skin selector, ui side
userInfoCaPO4 user info server module
userInfoUiCaPO4 user info UI module
videoCreate a video server logic
videoUiCreate a movie UI module
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