Man pages for CausalFX
Methods for Estimating Causal Effects from Observational Data

bindagCausalEffectBackdoorEstimates Average Causal Effects by Covariate Adjustment in...
cfxCreates a CausalFX Problem Instance
covsearchSearch for Causal Effect Covariate Adjustment
ivBayesian Analysis of Binary Instrumental Variables
print.cfxPrints a CausalFX Problem Instance
print.summary.covsearchPrint Summaries of Covariate Search Outputs
print.summary.ivPrint Summaries of Binary Instrumental Variable Analyses
print.summary.wppPrint Summaries of Witness Protection Program Outputs
simulateWitnessModelGenerates Synthetic CausalFX Problems
summary.covsearchSummarize Covariate Search Outputs
summary.ivSummarize Binary Instrumental Variable Analyses
summary.wppSummarize Witness Protection Program Outputs
synthetizeCausalEffectComputes Average Causal Effects by Covariate Adjustment in...
wppThe Witness Protection Program for Causal Effect Estimation
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