Man pages for Causata
Analysis utilities for binary classification and Causata users.

BinaryCutCuts a numeric independent variable into bins.
BinaryPredictorUnivariate analysis for binary classification.
CausataConfigCreates an object of class CausataConfig for working with...
CausataDataCreates an object of class CausataData for scoring in...
causata-packageCausata analysis utilities
CausataToRNamesConverts Causata system names to R-friendly column names.
CausataVariableCreates an object of class CausataVariable for scoring in...
CleanNaFromContinuousReplaces missing values in an array of numeric values.
CleanNaFromContinuousCausataDataReplaces missing values in an array of numeric values in a...
CleanNaFromFactorReplaces missing values in a factor.
CleanNaFromFactorCausataDataGiven a factor in a CausataData object, this replaces missing...
Config.CreatePrimaryVariableDefines a Causata primary variable.
Config.DeleteVariableDeletes a Causata variable.
ConnectConnect to Causata and extract data.
dfcausataExample data for the Causata package.
Discretize.CausataDataDiscretizes a continous variable in a CausataData object.
FocalPointQueryBuild a focal point query.
GetStratifiedSampleGets a stratified sample of data from Causata
GetVariableGet the CausataVariable for the named variable
GrepLoopSearches for a list of patterns within a list of strings.
LoadCausataConfigLoad passwords and configuration data.
MergeLevelsCombines least-frequently occurring levels of a factor into...
MergeLevelsCausataDataCombines least-frequently occurring levels of a factor into...
ModelDefinition.GlmnetDefine model metadata.
predict.GlmnetModelDefinitionGenerate predictions for a glmnet model.
PredictivePowerPredictive power for a single variable.
QueryBuild queries to extract data from Causata.
ReadCausataCsvLoads data from a Causata CSV file.
ReadCausataRParses an R file exported with Causata data.
ReplaceOutliersReplaces outliers in a continuous variable.
ReplaceOutliersCausataDataReplace outliers in a CausataData object.
RToCausataNamesConverts R-friendly causata column names to the corresponding...
SampleStratifiedDraws a random, stratified sample from a vector of indices.
ShortenStringsShortens strings by replacing the middle with a separator.
ToPmmlGenerates a PMML representation of a model.
UploadModelLoads a model definition into Causata for scoring.
VariableDefinitionDefines information for creating variables in Causata.
VariableListCreate lists of variables from Causata for queries.
WhereQuery WHERE clause and comparison operations
WoeWeight of evidence for each level of a factor.
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