CellularAutomaton: One-Dimensional Cellular Automata

This package is an object-oriented implementation of one-dimensional cellular automata. It supports many of the features offered by Mathematica, including elementary rules, user-defined rules, radii, user-defined seeding, and plotting.

AuthorJohn Hughes
Date of publication2013-08-20 07:01:00
MaintainerJohn Hughes <hughesj@umn.edu>

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CellularAutomaton Man page
CellularAutomaton-package Man page
getLattice Man page
getLattice.CellularAutomaton Man page
getNumberOfColors Man page
getNumberOfColors.CellularAutomaton Man page
getRadius Man page
getRadius.CellularAutomaton Man page
getRuleNumber Man page
getRuleNumber.CellularAutomaton Man page
getSteps Man page
getSteps.CellularAutomaton Man page
getTotalistic Man page
getTotalistic.CellularAutomaton Man page
plot Man page
plot.CellularAutomaton Man page

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