ChargeTransport: Charge Transfer Rates and Charge Carrier Mobilities

This package provides functions to compute Marcus, Marcus-Levich-Jortner or Landau-Zener charge transfer rates. These rates can then be used to perform kinetic Monte Carlo simulations to estimate charge carrier mobilities in molecular materials. The preparation of this package was supported by the the Fondazione Cariplo (PLENOS project, ref. 2011-0349).

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AuthorJulien Idé and Guido Raos
Date of publication2014-06-04 14:51:05
MaintainerJulien Idé <>

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activationFreeEnergy Man page
adiabaticCorrection Man page
centimeterMinusOne2electronVolt Man page
centimeterMinusOne2Hartree Man page
centimeterMinusOne2Hertz Man page
centimeterMinusOne2Joule Man page
centimeterMinusOne2Kelvin Man page
centimeterMinusOne2kiloCaloriePerMole Man page
centimeterMinusOne2kiloJoulePerMole Man page
dEField Man page
electronicTransmissionCoefficient Man page
electronVolt2centimeterMinusOne Man page
electronVolt2Hartree Man page
electronVolt2Hertz Man page
electronVolt2Joule Man page
electronVolt2Kelvin Man page
electronVolt2kiloCaloriePerMole Man page
electronVolt2kiloJoulePerMole Man page
energyConversion Man page
Hartree2centimeterMinusOne Man page
Hartree2electronVolt Man page
Hartree2Hertz Man page
Hartree2Joule Man page
Hartree2Kelvin Man page
Hartree2kiloCaloriePerMole Man page
Hartree2kiloJoulePerMole Man page
Hertz2centimeterMinusOne Man page
Hertz2electronVolt Man page
Hertz2Hartree Man page
Hertz2Joule Man page
Hertz2Kelvin Man page
Hertz2kiloCaloriePerMole Man page
Hertz2kiloJoulePerMole Man page
Joule2centimeterMinusOne Man page
Joule2electronVolt Man page
Joule2Hartree Man page
Joule2Hertz Man page
Joule2Kelvin Man page
Joule2kiloCaloriePerMole Man page
Joule2kiloJoulePerMole Man page
Kelvin2centimeterMinusOne Man page
Kelvin2electronVolt Man page
Kelvin2Hartree Man page
Kelvin2Hertz Man page
Kelvin2Joule Man page
Kelvin2kiloCaloriePerMole Man page
Kelvin2kiloJoulePerMole Man page
kiloCaloriePerMole2centimeterMinusOne Man page
kiloCaloriePerMole2electronVolt Man page
kiloCaloriePerMole2Hartree Man page
kiloCaloriePerMole2Hertz Man page
kiloCaloriePerMole2Joule Man page
kiloCaloriePerMole2Kelvin Man page
kiloCaloriePerMole2kiloJoulePerMole Man page
kiloJoulePerMole2centimeterMinusOne Man page
kiloJoulePerMole2electronVolt Man page
kiloJoulePerMole2Hartree Man page
kiloJoulePerMole2Hertz Man page
kiloJoulePerMole2Joule Man page
kiloJoulePerMole2Kelvin Man page
kiloJoulePerMole2kiloCaloriePerMole Man page
KMC Man page
LandauZener Man page
LandauZenerProbability Man page
Marcus Man page
MarcusLevichJortner Man page
universalConstants Man page

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