Man pages for ChemoSpec
Exploratory Chemometrics for Spectroscopy

aovPCAloadingsPlot aovPCAscores Loadings of a Spectra Object
aovPCAscoresPlot ANOVA-PCA Scores from a Spectra Object
aov_pcaSpectraANOVA-PCA Analysis of Spectra Data
avgFacLvlsAverage Levels of a Factor in a Data Matrix
baselineSpectraBaseline Correction of a Spectra Object
binDataBin or Bucket Data
binSpectraBin or Bucket a Spectra Object
check4GapsCheck for Missing Values (Gaps) in a Spectra Object
ChemoSpec-packageExploratory Chemometrics for Spectroscopy
chkSpectraVerify the Integrity of a Spectra Object
clupaSpectraHierarchical Cluster-Based Peak Alignment on a Spectra Object
colLeafColor the Leaves of a Dendrogram Based on a Spectra Object
colorSymbolColors and Symbols in ChemoSpec and Spectra Objects
conColSchemeChange the Color Scheme of a Spectra Object
coordProjCSModified Version of coordProj from mclust
c_pcaSpectraClassical PCA of Spectra Objects
cv_pcaSpectraCross-Validation of Classical PCA Results for a Spectra...
evalClustersEvaluate or Compare the Quality of Clusters Quantitatively
files2SpectraObjectImport Data into a Spectra Object
groupNcolorAssign Group Membership and Colors for a Spectra Object
hcaScoresHCA on PCA scores from a Spectra Object
hcaSpectraPlot HCA Results of a Spectra Object
hmapSpectraSeriated Heat Map for a Spectra Object
hypTestScoresConduct MANOVA using PCA Scores and Factors in a Spectra...
isWholeNoDetermine if a Number is a Whole Number
labelExtremesLabel Extreme Values in a 2D Data Set
labelExtremes3dIdentify Extreme Values in 3D
loopThruSpectraDisplay the Spectra in a Spectra Object One at a Time
makeEllipsoidCreate Ellipsoid
mclust3Dmclust Analysis in 3D
mclust3dSpectramclust Analysis of a Spectra Object in 3D
mclustSpectramclust Analysis of a Spectra Object PCA Results
metMUD1Made Up NMR Data Sets
normSpectraNormalize a Spectra Object
normVecNormalize a Vector to range -1 to +1
pcaDiagOutlier Diagnostic Plots for PCA of a Spectra Object
plot2LoadingsPlot PCA Loadings from a Spectra Object Against Each Other
plotHCAPlot Dendrogram for Spectra Object
plotLoadingsPlot PCA Loadings for a Spectra Object
plotScoresPlot PCA Scores of a Spectra Object
plotScores3D3D PCA Score Plot for a Spectra Object
plotScoresCorCompute Confidence Ellipses
plotScoresDecorationDecorate PCA Score Plot of a Spectra Object
plotScoresRGLInteractive 3D Score Plot of a Spectra Object
plotScreeScree Plots of PCA Results for a Spectra Object
plotSpectraPlot Spectra Object
plotSpectraDistPlot the Distance Between Spectra in a Spectra Object
plotSpectraJSPlot a Spectra Object Interactively
q2rPCAConversion Between PCA Classes
removeFreqRemove Frequencies from a Spectra Object
removeGroupRemove Groups or Samples from a Spectra Object
rowDistCompute Distance Between Rows of a Matrix
r_pcaSpectraRobust PCA of a Spectra Object
sampleDistSpectraCompute the Distance Between Samples in a Spectra Object
seXyFunctions to Compute Measures of Central Tendency and Spread....
sgfSpectraApply Savitzky-Golay filters to a Spectra object
shrinkLeafShrink the Leaves of a Dendrogram Based on a Spectra Object
SpectraSpectra Objects
splitSpectraGroupsCreate New Groups from an Existing Spectra Object
sPlotSpectras-Plot of Spectra Data (Post PCA)
SrE.IRIR and NMR Spectra of Serenoa repens (Saw Palmetto) Oil...
sumGroupsSummarize the Group Parameters of a Spectra Object
sumSpectraSummarize a Spectra Object
surveySpectraPlot Measures of Central Tendency and Spread for a Spectra...
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