Man pages for ChemoSpec2D
Exploratory Chemometrics for 2D Spectroscopy

calcLvlsCalculate Levels for Contour and Image Type Plots
centscaleSpectra2DCenter and Scale a Spectra2D Object Along the Samples...
check4GapsCheck for Discontinuities (Gaps) in a Vector & Optionally...
ChemoSpec2D-packageExploratory Chemometrics for 2D Spectroscopy
chkSpectraVerify the Integrity of a Spectra or Spectra2D Object
colorSymbolColor and Symbols in ChemoSpec and ChemoSpec2D
computeVolumeCompute the Volume of a Specified Shift Range in a 2D...
files2Spectra2DObjectImport Data into a Spectra2D Object
hats_alignSpectra2DAlign the Spectra in a Spectra2D Object using the HATS...
import2DspectraImport 2D Spectroscopic Data
inspectLvlsInspect Levels for Contour Plots of Spectra2D Objects
LofCCreate a List of Colors
LofLCreate a List of Contour Levels
miaSpectra2DMultivariate Image Analysis (Tucker 1) of a Spectra2D Object
MUDMade Up 2D NMR-Like Data Sets
normSpectra2DNormalize a Spectra2D Object
pfacSpectra2DPARAFAC Analysis of a Spectra2D Object
plotLoadings2DPlot Loadings from a PARAFAC, MIA or POP Analysis of a...
plotScoresPlot Scores from PCA, MIA or PARAFAC Analysis of a Spectra or...
plotScreeScree Plots from PCA or MIA Analysis of a Spectra or...
plotSlicePlot a Slice of a Spectra2D Object
plotSpectra2DPlot a Spectra2D Object
popSpectra2DPlain Old PCA (POP) of Spectra2D Objects
removeFreqRemove Frequencies from a Spectra or Spectra2D Object
removeGroupRemove Groups from a Spectra or Spectra2D Object
removePeaks2DRemove Peaks in a Spectra2D Object
removeSampleRemove Samples from a Spectra or Spectra2D Object
sampleDistCompute the Distances Between Samples in a Spectra or...
shiftSpectra2DShift the Spectra in a Spectra2D Object
showScaleDisplay a pdf Version of the Contour Scale
Spectra2DSpectra2D Objects
sumGroupsSummarize the Group Membership of a Spectra or Spectra2D...
sumSpectraSummarize a Spectra or Spectra2D Object
updateGroupsUpdate Group Names in a Spectra or Spectra2D Object
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