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This function returns the awards vector assigned by the constrained egalitarian rule (CE) rule to a claims problem.


CE(E, d, name = FALSE)



The endowment.


The vector of claims.


A logical value.


Let E≥ 0 be the endowment to be divided and d the vector of claims with d≥ 0 and such that the sum of claims exceeds the endowment.

Assume that the claims are ordered from small to large, 0 ≤ d1 ≤...≤ dn. The constrained egalitarian rule coincides with the constrained equal awards rule (CEA) applied to the problem (E, d/2) if the endowment is less or equal than the half-sum of the claims D/2. Otherwise, any additional unit is assigned to claimant 1 until she/he receives the minimum of the claim and half of d2. If this minimun is d1, she/he stops there. If it is not, the next increment is divided equally between claimants 1 and 2 until claimant 1 receives d1 (in this case she drops out) or they reach d3/2. If claimant 1 leaves, claimant 2 receives any aditional increment until she/he reaches d2 or d3/2. In the case that claimant 1 and 2 reach d3/2, any additional unit is divided between claimants 1, 2, and 3 until the first one receives d1 or they reach d4/2, and so on.


If E ≤ D/2 then CE(E,d)=CEA(E,d/2)=(min{di/2,λ}) where λ ≥ 0 is chosen so as to achieve balance.

If E ≥ D/2 then the CE rule assigns to claimant i the maximum of two quantities: the half-claim and the minimum of the claim and a value λ ≥ 0 chosen so as to achieve balance.

CE(E,d) = (max{ di/2 , min{di,λ} }).


The awards vector selected by the CE rule. If name = TRUE, the name of the function (CE) as a character string.


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