ClimMobTools: API Client for the 'ClimMob' platform in R

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ClimMobTools the API Client for the 'ClimMob' platform in R. ClimMob is an open source software for crowdsourcing citizen science in agriculture under the tricot approach[@vanEtten2019tricot]. The approach aims the rapid assessment of technologies in the target environment. Tricot turns the research paradigm on its head; instead of a few researchers designing complicated trials to compare several technologies in search of the best solutions, it enables many participants to carry out reasonably simple experiments that taken together can offer even more information.


The breadwheat is a dataframe from crowdsourcing citizen science trials of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) varieties in India. This is a sample data available at the ClimMob that can be fetched using the function getDataCM() from ClimMobTools and an API key from the ClimMob user's account.


# the API key
key <- "d39a3c66-5822-4930-a9d4-50e7da041e77"

dat <- getDataCM(key = key,
                 project = "breadwheat",
                 pivot.wider = TRUE)

names(dat) <- gsub("firstassessment_|package_|lastassessment_|registration_", "",

Tricot data with environmental covariates

We can add environmental covariates from package climatrends. Here we use function temperature() to compute the temperature indices for the first 80 days after planting.


dat$plantingdate <- as.Date(dat$plantingdate, format = "%Y-%m-%d")
dat$lon <- as.numeric(dat$farm_geo_longitude)
dat$lat <- as.numeric(dat$farm_geo_latitude)

temp <- temperature(dat[, c("lon","lat")], 
           = dat[, "plantingdate"],
                    span = 80)


Tricot data into rankings

The Plackett-Luce model is one approach to analyse the ClimMob data[@Turner2020]. We build the farmers' rankings as an object of class 'grouped_rankings'. This allows the rankings to be linked to the environmental covariates computed previously and fit the model using pltree() from the package PlackettLuce.

We build the rankings using the function rankTricot().


R <- rankTricot(dat, 
                items = c("item_A","item_B","item_C"), 
                input = c("overallperf_pos","overallperf_neg"),
                group = TRUE)

pld <- cbind(R, temp)

pl <- pltree(R ~ maxNT + maxDT, 
             data = pld)




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