Man pages for CoSMoS
Complete Stochastic Modelling Solution

acsAutoCorrelation Structure
ACSfunctionsAutocorrelation structure functions
actfACTF auto-correlation transformation function
actfdiscreteACTF auto-correlation transformation function for discrete...
actfdiscreteInvInverse of ACTF auto-correlation transformation function
actfInvInverse of ACTF auto-correlation transformation function
actiACTI - autocorrelation transformation integral function
actpntsAutoCorrelation Transformed Points
advectionFAdvection fields
advectionF2Advection fields
advectionFhyperbolicHyperbolic advection field
advectionFradialRadial advection field
advectionFrotationRotational advection field
advectionFspiralSpiraling advection field
advectionFspiralCESpiraling advection field satisfying continuity equation
advectionFuniformUniform advection field
analyzeTSThe Functions analyzeTS, reportTS, and simulateTS
anisotropyTAnisotropy transformation
anisotropyT2Anisotropy transformation
anisotropyTaffineAffine anisotropy transformation
anisotropyTswirlSwirl anisotropy transformation
anisotropyTwaveWave anisotropy transformation
AR1Autoregressive model of first order
ARpAutoregressive model of order _p_
BurrIIIBurr Type III distribution
BurrXIIBurr Type XII distribution
checkRFNumerical and visual check of generated random fields
checkTSCheck generated timeseries
CoSMoS-packageCoSMoS: Complete Stochastic Modelling Solution
dischDaily streamflow data data
ECDFEmpirical cummulative distrubution function
erfcComplementary (inverse) error function
errorRatio mean square error
fitACSAutocorrelation structure fit
fitactfFit the AutoCorrelation Transformation Function
fitDistDistribution fitting
fitVARVAR model parameters to simulate correlated parent Gaussian...
generateMTSSimulation of multiple time series with given marginals and...
generateMTSFastFaster simulation of multiple time series with approximately...
generateRFSimulation of random field with given marginals and...
generateRFFastFaster simulation of random fields with approximately...
generateTSGenerate timeseries
getACSArgGet names of autocorrelation structure (ACS) function...
getDistArgGet names of distribution function arguments
GEVGeneralized extreme value distribution
GGammaGeneralized gamma distribution
lmomL-Moments calculation
momentsNumerical estimation of moments
NNorm - function to be minimized during distrubution fit
ParetoIIPareto type II distribution
plot.actiAutoCorrelation Transformation Function visualisation
plot.checkTSPlot method for check results
plot.cosmostsPlot generated Timeseries
plot.fitACSPlot method for fitACS
plot.fitDistPlot method for fitDist
PopulationStatPopulation statistics
precipHourly station precipitation data
quickTSPlotQuick visualization of basic timeseries properties
regenerateTSBulk Timeseries generation
sample.momentsEstimation of sample moments
seasonalACFCalculate seasonal ACF
seasonalARSeasonal AR model
stcfclaytonClayton SpatioTemporal Correlation Structure
stcfgneiting14Gneiting-14 SpatioTemporal Correlation Structure
stcfgneiting16Gneiting-16 SpatioTemporal Correlation Structure
stcsSpatioTemporal Correlation Structure
stcs2SpatioTemporal Correlation Structure
stratifySeasonDataStratify timeseries by season
YWYule-Walker solver
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