Combine: Game-Theoretic Probability Combination
Version 1.0

Suite of R functions for combination of probabilities using a game-theoretic method.

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AuthorAlaa Ali, Marta Padilla and David R. Bickel
Date of publication2015-09-04 21:49:35
MaintainerM. Padilla <>
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Man pages

Combine-internal: Internal Functions and Methods
Combine-package: Game-Theoretic Probability Combination.
ncomb.prob: Combination of probability distributions.


Combine Man page
Combine-package Man page
MakeNames Source code
Numeric-class Man page
[,Matrix,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,Matrix,ANY,missing-method Man page
[,Matrix,missing,ANY-method Man page
[,Numeric,ANY,missing-method Man page
[,combination.prob,ANY,missing-method Man page
[,,ANY,NULL-method Man page
[,,ANY,missing-method Man page
[,,ANY,NULL-method Man page
[,,ANY,missing-method Man page
[-methods Man page
[<-,Matrix,ANY,missing-method Man page
[<-,Numeric,ANY,missing-method Man page
[<--methods Man page
are Source code
are_null Source code
are_prob Source code
are_unk Source code
as_colmatrix Source code
as_rowmatrix Source code
assert.are Source code Source code
coerce,Numeric,numeric-method Man page
coerce,combination.prob,Numeric-method Man page
coerce,combination.prob,list-method Man page
coerce,combination.prob,numeric-method Man page
coerce,list,combination.prob-method Man page
coerce,list, Man page
coerce,list, Man page
coerce,,list-method Man page
coerce,, Man page
coerce,,list-method Man page
coerce-methods Man page
coerce<-,Numeric,numeric-method Man page
coerce<-,combination.prob,Numeric-method Man page
coerce<-,combination.prob,numeric-method Man page
coerce<-,,list-method Man page
coerce<--methods Man page
combination.prob-class Man page
combine.prob Man page Source code
compatible Source code
default Source code
divergence.Bernoulli Man page Source code
est.combi-class Man page
est2list Source code
hsm Man page Source code
indSortAsY Source code
internals Man page
isInteger Source code
is_err Source code
is_error Source code
is_nd1class Source code
is_nd2class Source code
is_unique Source code
is_unk Source code
k.add.NA.col.dataframe Source code Source code
k.bindSort Source code
k.cbind Source code
k.checklist.prob2combine Source code
k.cleanlist.prob2combine Source code Source code
k.indSort Source code
k.indep.max2probs Source code
k.just.finite Source code
k.makelist.prob2combine Source code
list2est Source code
list2matrix Source code
make_labels Source code
matrix2list Source code
nNumeric Man page
nNumeric,numeric-method Man page
nNumeric-methods Man page
names,combination.prob-method Man page
names, Man page
names, Man page
names-methods Man page
names<-,combination.prob,character-method Man page
names<--methods Man page
ncbind Source code
ncomb.prob Man page Source code
ncombination.prob Man page Source code
new_combination.prob Man page Source code
new_est.combi Man page Source code Man page Source code Man page Source code Man page Source code Man page Source code
nrbind Source code
nsize Source code
odds Source code
plot Man page
plot,ANY,ANY-method Man page
plot,numeric, Man page
plot,,missing-method Man page
plot,,combination.prob-method Man page
plot,,missing-method Man page
plot,,numeric-method Man page
plot-methods Man page Man page
printGeneric Source code
printInvalid Source code
print_stats Man page Source code Man page
sameAsX_names Source code
sameAsY Source code
sameLengths Source code
sameXY_names Source code
stats Man page Source code
string2vect Source code


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