Man pages for Comp2ROC
Compare Two ROC Curves that Intersect

areatrianglesTriangle Areas
cas2015CAS2015 Dataset
Comp2ROC-packageComparation of Two ROC Curves that Intersect
comp.roc.curvesCalculate distribution
comp.roc.delongCalculate areas and stats
curvesegslopeSegment Slopes
curvesegsloperefSegment Slopes to Reference Point
diffareatrianglesDifference Between Area Triangles
linedistanceIntersection Points
lineslopeSampling Lines Slope
read.fileRead data from file
read.manually.introducedRead data manually introduced
rocboot.summarySummary of Comparation
roc.curves.bootCompare curves
roc.curves.plotPlot ROC curves
rocsamplingROC Sampling
rocsampling.summarySummary of ROC Sampling
save.file.summarySave File
zhangZhang Dataset
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