Man pages for CompRandFld
Composite-Likelihood Based Analysis of Random Fields

CheckCorrModelChecking Correlation Model
CheckInputChecking Input
CheckLikelihoodChecking Composite-likelihood Type
CheckModelChecking Random Field type
CheckTypeChecking Likelihood Objects
CheckVarTypeChecking Variance Estimates Type
CompLikelihoodOptimizes the Composite log-likelihood
CorrelationParamLists the Parameters of a Correlation Model
CovariogramComputes covariance, variogram and extremal coefficient...
CovmatrixSpatio-temporal (tapered) Covariance Matrix
Dist2DistSwitches from an EV to Another EV Distribution
EVariogramEmpirical Variogram(variants) of Gaussian, Binary and...
FitCompositeMax-Likelihood-Based Fitting of Gaussian, Binary and...
FitGevMax-likelihood Fitting of the GEV Distribution
GevLogLikLog-Likelihood of the GEV Distribution
HypoTestStatistical Hypothesis Tests for Nested Models
InitParamInitializes the Parameters for Estimation Procedures
IrishcoordsWeather Stations of the Irish Daily Wind Speeds
IrishwindsIrish Daily Wind Speeds
KriSpatial and spatio temporal simple and ordinary (tapered)...
LikelihoodOptimizes the Log Likelihood
MomEstEstimation of the GEV parameters by the Method of Moments
NuisanceParamLists the Nuisance Parameters of a Random Field
RFsimSimulation of Gaussian, Binary and Max-stable Random Fields
USarainAnnual Maximum Rainfalls in U.S.
UScoordGauging Stations of the Annual Maximum Rainfalls in U.S.
WLeastSquareWLS of Gaussian and Max-Stable Random Fields
WlsInitComputes Starting Values based on Weighted Least Squares
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