Man pages for ConR
Computation of Parameters Used in Preliminary Assessment of Conservation Status

AOO.computingArea of occupancy
dataset.exDataset of plant species distribution
dot-ahull_to_SPLDFInternal function
dot-alpha.hull.polyInternal function
dot-AOO.estimationInternal function
dot-cell.occupiedInternal function
dot-Convex.Hull.PolyInternal function
dot-crop.polyInternal function
dot-EOO.compInternal function
dot-IUCN.compInternal function
dot-proj_crsInternal function
dot-prop_threatInternal function
dot-subpop.compInternal function
EOO.computingExtent of Occurrences
IUCN.evalPreliminary conservation status assessment following IUCN...
locations.compNumber of locations
Madagascar.protecDataset of Malagasy protected areas
Malagasy.amphibianDataset of Malagasy Amphibian occurrences
map.resMapping in grid cell results of IUCN.eval
subpop.compNumber of subpopulations
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