Man pages for CondIndTests
Nonlinear Conditional Independence Tests

CondIndTestWrapper function for conditional independence tests.
fishersTestExceedanceFishers test to test whether the exceedance of the...
fTestTargetYF-test for a nested model comparison.
InvariantConditionalQuantilePredictionInvariant conditional quantile prediction.
InvariantEnvironmentPredictionInvariant environment prediction.
InvariantResidualDistributionTestInvariant residual distribution test.
InvariantTargetPredictionInvariant target prediction.
KCIKernel conditional independence test.
ksResidualDistributionsKolmogorov-Smirnov test to compare residual distributions
leveneAndWilcoxResidualDistributionsLevene and wilcoxon test to compare first and second moments...
propTestTargetEProportion test to compare two misclassification rates.
ResidualPredictionTestResidual prediction test.
wilcoxTestTargetYWilcoxon test to compare two mean squared error rates.
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