Man pages for ContaminatedMixt
Model-Based Clustering and Classification with the Multivariate Contaminated Normal Distribution

agreeAgreement Between Partitions
CNmixtFitting for the Parsimonious Mixtures of Contaminated Normal...
ContaminatedMixt-packageContaminatedMixt - Parsimonious Mixtures of Contaminated...
dCNMultivariate Contaminated Normal Distribution
extractorsExtractors for 'ContaminatedMixt' Class Objects.
m.stepM-step of the EM algorithm for Parsimonious Normal Mixtures
pairs.ContaminatedMixtScatterplot Matrix for ContaminatedMixt Objects
plot.ContaminatedMixtScatterplot for ContaminatedMixt Objects
predictgCluster Prediction
wineWine Data Set
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