Man pages for ConvergenceClubs
Finding Convergence Clubs

axis_marksDefine the vector of tick marks for the axis of a plot
clubFind a club
computeHCompute H values
ConvergenceClubs-packageConvergenceClubs: Finding Convergence Clubs
coreGFind core (primary) group
dim.convergence.clubs'dim' method for S3 object 'convergence.clubs'
estimateModLog-t test for convergence
filteredGDPFiltered per-capita GDP of 152 Countries from 1970 to 2003
findClubsFinds convergence clubs
GDPPer-capita GDP of 152 Countries from 1970 to 2003
mergeClubsMerge convergence clubs
mergeDivergentMerge divergent units
plot.convergence.clubsPlot method for S3 class 'convergence.clubs'
print.convergence.clubsPrint method for S3 object 'convergence.clubs'
print_tablePrint method for S3 object 'summary.convergence.clubs'
ps_andrews_hacLong run variance of errors
summary.convergence.clubsSummary method for S3 object 'convergence.clubs'
transition_pathsExtract transition paths from a 'convergence.clubs' object
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