Man pages for CopulaRegression
Bivariate Copula Based Regression Models

copregJoint, copula-based regression model
CopulaRegression-packageBivariate copula-based regression models
density_conditionalConditional density of Y given X
density_jointJoint density of X and Y
dgamDensity of a Gamma variable
dpolicy_lossDensity of the policy loss
D_uH-function of the copula
dztpDensity of a zero truncated Poisson variable
epolicy_lossExpectation of the policy loss
loglik_jointLoglikelihood of the joint regression model
mle_jointML-Estimates of the joint model.
mle_marginalML-estimates of the marginal models
pgamDistribution of a Gamma variable
ppolicy_lossCumaltive distribution function of the policy loss
predict.copregPrediction of the copula regression model
pztpCumulative distribution function of a zero truncated Poisson...
qpolicy_lossQuantile of the policy loss
rgamSamples from a Gamma variable
simulate_jointSimulation from the joint model
simulate_regression_dataSimulate regression data
theta2zTransformation of the copula parameter
vuongtestModel comparison using a Vuong test
z2thetaInverse of the parameter transformation
ztp.glmGLM for a zero truncated Poisson variable
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