Man pages for Correlplot
A collection of functions for graphing correlation matrices

aircraftRCorrelations between characteristics of aircraft
angleToRConvert angles to correlations.
artificialRCorrelations for 10 generated variables
athletesRCorrelation matrix of characteristics of Australian athletes
berkeleyRCorrelation matrix for boys of the Berkeley Guidance Study
cathedralsRCorrelation matrix for height and length
correlogramPlot a correlogram
countriesRCorrelations between educational and demographic variables
fit_anglesFit angles to a correlation matrix
fysiologyRCorrelations between thirtheen fysiological variables
gobletsRCorrelations between size measurements of archeological...
linangplotLinang plot
lincosLinearized cosine function
pcoPrincipal Coordinate Analysis
PearsonLeeHeights of mothers and daughters
pfaPrincipal factor analysis
proteinRCorrelations between sources of protein
proteinsRCorrelations between sources of protein
recordsRCorrelations between national track records for men
storksRCorrelations between three variables
studentsMarks for 5 student exams
studentsRCorrelations between marks for 5 exams
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