Man pages for Countr
Flexible Univariate Count Models Based on Renewal Processes

addBootSampleObjectCreate a bootsrap sample for coefficient estimates
alphagenMatrix of alpha terms
chiSq_gofFormal Chi-square goodness-of-fit test
chiSq_pearsonPearson Chi-Square test
compareToGLMCompare renewals fit to glm models fit
CountrFlexible Univariate Count Models Based on Renewal Processes
CountrFormulaCreate a formula for renewalCount
count_tableSummary of a count variable
dCount_allProbs_biCompute count probabilities using simple convolution
dCount_conv_biCompute count probabilities using convolution
dCount_conv_loglik_biLog-likelihood of a count probability computed by convolution...
dCount_dePril_biCompute count probabilities using dePril convolution (bi)
dCount_naive_biCompute count probabilities using naive convolution (bi)
dmodifiedCount_biCompute count probabilities based on modified renewal process...
dWeibullCountProbability calculations for Weibull count models
dWeibullCount_matUnivariate Weibull Count Probability
dWeibullgammaCountFast Univariate Weibull Count Probability with gamma...
dWeibullgammaCount_matUnivariate Weibull Count Probability with gamma heterogeneity
dWeibullgammaCount_mat_CovariatesUnivariate Weibull Count Probability with gamma and covariate...
evCount_conv_biExpected value and variance of renewal count process
fertilityFertility data
footballFootball data
frequency_plotPlot a frequency chart
getParNamesReturn the names of distribution parameters
predict.renewalPredict method for renewal objects
renewalDeprecated old name of 'renewalCount()'
renewalCoefGet named vector of coefficients for renewal objects
renewalCoefListSplit a vector using the prefixes of the names for grouping
renewal.controlCreates the renewal control list
renewal.convParsCreates the convolution inputs setting
renewalCountFit renewal count processes regression models
renewal_methodsMethods for renewal objects
renewalNamesGet names of parameters of renewal regression models
renewal.seriesParsCreates the series expansion inputs setting
renewal.weiMethodCheck weibull computation algorithm
residuals_plotMethod to visualise the residuals
se.coefExtract Standard Errors of Model Coefficients
survWrapper to built in survival functions
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