Man pages for Crossover
Analysis and Search of Crossover Designs

buildSummaryTableBuild Summary Table For All Examples From Literature
canonicalOrderSorts sequences of a design into a canonical order
contrMat2Create the design matrix, variance-covariance matrix, the...
CrossoverDesign-classClass CrossoverDesign
CrossoverdesignsSelected Cross-Over designs from literature
CrossoverGUIGraphical User Interface for Crossover Designs
Crossover-packageThis package provides more than two hundred cross-over design...
CrossoverSearchResult-classClass CrossoverSearchResult
design.efficiencyCreate the design matrix, variance-covariance matrix, the...
general.carryoverCalculate variances of paramater contrasts
getDesign-methodsExtract Design from a CrossoverSearchResult
getModelNrGet the number or character string specifying the model
plot-methodsPlots information about the search algorithm and its process.
rcdCreate a row column design
rcdMatrixCreate the design matrix for a given row column design
resultLExample search results for two treatments
searchCrossOverDesignSearch for a Cross-Over Design
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