Man pages for D3partitionR
Interactive Charts of Nested and Hierarchical Data with 'D3.js'

add_dataAppend data to a D3partitionR object
add_nodes_dataAdd informations (for instance new names, colors, ....) to...
add_titleAdd a title to a D3partitionR object
aggregate_sessions_to_pathAggregate a data.frame in long format with a column...
compile_D3_partitionRCompile D3partitionR object to plot it
compute_unique_leaf_nameReturn al the leaf names
D3partitionRCreates a D3partitionR object
D3partitionR-shinyShiny bindings for D3partitionR
df_to_nestTransform a dataframe to a nested lists structure (i.e....
find_min_max_treeFind the maximum values of a given var in a tree
get_all_nodes_namesReturn al the possible nodes names
is_present_variableCheck if a variable is present in a D3partitionR object
plot.D3partitionRPlot D3partitionR object
scale_typeCheck if the scale variable is discrete or continuous
set_chart_typeSet the chart_type
set_continuous_color_scaleAdd a custom discrete color scale
set_discrete_color_scaleAdd a custom discrete color scale
set_labels_parametersSet the labels parameters
set_legend_parametersSet the legend parameter
set_shiny_inputConfiguration of a D3partitionR object as a Shiny input
set_tooltip_parametersSet the tooltips parameter
set_trailEnable/disable the trail of steps
strip_pathStrip a dataframe containing a step into separate columns
tooltip_builderBuild tooltip html function
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