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S3 method to summarize objects of class iita.


## S3 method for class 'iita'
summary(object, ...)



a required object of class iita, obtained from a call to the function iita.


further arguments to be passed to or from other methods.


Summarizes the main results from inductive item tree analysis algorithms.


If the argument object is of required type, summary.iita returns the vector of diff values, the quasi order, the error rate, and the index in the selection set of the quasi order with minimum diff value.


Anatol Sargin, Ali Uenlue


Sargin, A. and Uenlue, A. (2009) Inductive item tree analysis: Corrections, improvements, and comparisons. Mathematical Social Sciences, 58, 376–392.

Uenlue, A. and Sargin, A. (2010) DAKS: An R package for data analysis methods in knowledge space theory. Journal of Statistical Software, 37(2), 1–31. URL

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iita, the interface that provides the three (sample) inductive item tree analysis methods under one umbrella. See also DAKS-package for general information about this package.

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