KR: Kristr\"om's single-bounded dichotomous choice CVM data

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A single-bounded dichotomous choice CVM data analyzed in Kristr\"om (1990).




A data frame of single-bounded dichotomous choice contingent valuation survey data. The number of observations is 562.


a vector of bids expressd in SEK.


a vector of binary dummies equal to 1 if the bid is accepted and 0 otherwise.


The data consist of the responses to the single-bounded dichotomous choice survey for a sample of 562 Swedes regarding preservation of the eleven virgin forests in Sweden. See Kristr\"om (1990) for more details.


The data are used in Kristr\"om (1990).

The data are bundled in this package under kind permission from Professor Bengt Kristr\"om, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.


Kristr\"om B (1990). “A Non-Parametric Approach to the Estimation of Welfare Measures in Discrete Response Valuation Studies.” Land Economics, 66(2), 135–139.

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