DEMEtics: Evaluating the genetic differentiation between populations based on Gst and D values.

This package allows to calculate the fixation index Gst (Nei, 1973) and the differentiation index D (Jost, 2008) pairwise between or averaged over several populations. P-values, stating the significance of differentiation, and 95 percent confidence intervals can be estimated using bootstrap resamplings. In the case that more than two populations are compared pairwise, the p-values are adjusted by bonferroni correction and in several other ways due to the multiple comparison from one data set.

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AuthorAlexander Jueterbock, Philipp Kraemer, Gabriele Gerlach and Jana Deppermann
Date of publication2013-12-03 11:59:32
MaintainerAlexander Jueterbock <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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