Man pages for DGLMExtPois
Double Generalized Linear Models Extending Poisson Regression

AICAIC and BIC for hyper-Poisson Fits
AIC_CMPAIC and BIC for COM-Poisson Fitted Models
BidsBids Received by U.S. Firms
confint.glm_CMPConfidence Intervals for glm_hP Fits
confint.glm_hPConfidence Intervals for glm_hP Fits
DGLMExtPoisDGLMExtPois: Double Generalized Linear Models Extending...
expectedExpected Probabilities and Frequencies for the hyper-Poisson...
glm.CMPFit a COM-Poisson Double Generalized Linear Model
glm.hPFit a hyper-Poisson Double Generalized Linear Model
hPThe hyper-Poisson Distribution
lrtestLikelihood Ratio Test for Nested glm_CMP and glm_hP Fits
plotsPlot Diagnostics for glm_hP and glm_CMP Objects
predict.glm_CMPPredict Method for glm_CMP Fits
predict.glm_hPPredict Method for glm_hP Fits
residualsExtract and Visualize hyper-Poisson and COM-Poisson Model...
summary.glm_CMPSummarizing COM-Poisson Fits
summary.glm_hPSummarizing hyper-Poisson Fits
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