combine_stats: Combine aggregated statistics.

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combine_statsR Documentation

Combine aggregated statistics.


This function provides the functionality to combine multiple statistics to a single statistical overview. This is e.g. useful if you are only allowed to export statistical characteristics from a site but not the data itself. So in this case you have e.g. mean, median and N from each site but want to say something about the mean, median and N over all sites like you had the data of all sites in one big pool and would do the statisitcs there.


combine_stats(summaries, demo = FALSE)



(data.table) Data table containing all stats you want to combine as rows. This data.table must contain the columns 'Min', 'Q10', 'Q25', 'Median', 'Mean', 'SD', 'Q75', 'Q90', 'Max', 'N'. Each row in this data table represents a site as of the example described above.


(boolean, default = FALSE) Do you want to see how the function works? Then call 'combine_stats(summaries = NULL, demo = TRUE)'.


A one-row data.table containing the calculated, aggregates statistics of the input.

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