DMwR2: Functions and Data for the Second Edition of "Data Mining with R"

Functions and data accompanying the second edition of the book "Data Mining with R, learning with case studies" by Luis Torgo, published by CRC Press.

AuthorLuis Torgo [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-10-13 00:23:37
MaintainerLuis Torgo <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

algae: Training data for predicting algae blooms

algae.sols: The solutions for the test data set for predicting algae...

centralImputation: Fill in NA values with central statistics

centralValue: Obtain statistic of centrality

createEmbedDS: Creates an embeded data set from an univariate time series An auxiliary function of 'lofactor()'

DMwR2-package: Functions and data for the second edition of the book "Data...

GSPC: A set of daily quotes for SP500

kNN: k-Nearest Neighbour Classification

knneigh.vect: An auxiliary function of 'lofactor()'

knnImputation: Fill in NA values with the values of the nearest neighbours

lofactor: An implementation of the LOF algorithm

manyNAs: Find rows with too many NA values

nrLinesFile: Counts the number of lines of a file

outliers.ranking: Obtain outlier rankings

reachability: An auxiliary function of 'lofactor()'

rpartXse: Obtain a tree-based model

rt.prune: Prune a tree-based model using the SE rule

sales: A data set with sale transaction reports

sampleCSV: Drawing a random sample of lines from a CSV file

sampleDBMS: Drawing a random sample of records of a table stored in a...

SelfTrain: Self train a model on semi-supervised data

sigs.PR: Precision and recall of a set of predicted trading signals

SoftMax: Normalize a set of continuous values using SoftMax

sp500: A set of daily quotes for SP500 in CSV Format

test.algae: Testing data for predicting algae blooms

tradeRecord-class: Class "tradeRecord"

tradingEvaluation: Obtain a set of evaluation metrics for a set of trading...

trading.signals: Discretize a set of values into a set of trading signals

trading.simulator: Simulate daily trading using a set of trading signals


algae Man page
algae.sols Man page
centralImputation Man page
centralValue Man page
createEmbedDS Man page Man page
DMwR2 Man page
DMwR2-package Man page
GSPC Man page
kNN Man page
knneigh.vect Man page
knnImputation Man page
lofactor Man page
manyNAs Man page
nrLinesFile Man page
outliers.ranking Man page
plot,tradeRecord-method Man page
reachability Man page
rpartXse Man page
rt.prune Man page
sales Man page
sampleCSV Man page
sampleDBMS Man page
SelfTrain Man page
show,tradeRecord-method Man page
sigs.PR Man page
SoftMax Man page
sp500 Man page
summary,tradeRecord-method Man page
test.algae Man page
tradeRecord Man page
tradeRecord-class Man page
tradingEvaluation Man page
trading.signals Man page
trading.simulator Man page

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