Man pages for DSI
'DataSHIELD' Interface

datashield.aggregateData aggregation
datashield.assignData assignment
datashield.assign.exprExpression result assignment
datashield.assign.resourceResource assignment
datashield.assign.tableTable assignment
datashield.connectionsList the DSConnection objects in the analytic environment
datashield.connections_defaultSet or get the default list of DSConnection objects in the...
datashield.connections_findSearch for DSConnection objects in the analytic environment
datashield.errorsList R last errors
datashield.loginLogs in a DataSHIELD R sessions and optionaly assigns...
datashield.logoutLogout from DataSHIELD R sessions
datashield.methodsList of DataSHIELD methods
datashield.method_statusStatus of the DataSHIELD methods
datashield.pkg_checkCheck server-side package minimum version
datashield.pkg_statusStatus of the DataSHIELD packages
datashield.profilesList of DataSHIELD profiles
datashield.resourcesList of the resources
datashield.resource_statusStatus of some resources
datashield.rmRemove a R symbol
datashield.symbolsList R symbols
datashield.tablesList of the tables
datashield.table_statusStatus of some tables
datashield.workspace_rmRemove a DataSHIELD workspace
datashield.workspacesList saved DataSHIELD R workspaces
datashield.workspace_saveSave DataSHIELD R session to a workspace
dot-appendErrorAppend error message to last errors vector
dot-asNamedListOfConnectionsMakes a single 'DSConnection-class' object or a named list of...
dot-asNamedListOfResourcesMakes a typical logindata data frame a list of resources...
dot-asNamedListOfTablesMakes a typical logindata data frame a list of tables named...
dot-asNamedListOfValuesMakes a typical logindata data frame a list of items named by...
dot-checkLastErrorsCheck if there are last errors
dot-clearCacheClear some cache
dot-clearLastErrorsClear last errors
dot-deparseDeparse language expression
dot-getDSConnectionsGets the 'DSConnection-class' objects
dot-getSleepTimeGet time to sleep depending on the numer of previous...
dot-hasLastErrorsCheck if there are last errors
dot-isDSConnectionCheck if provided object is a S4 class instance and if this...
dot-newProgressCreate a new progress instance with default settings.
dot-tickProgressUpdate and increment the progress status if option...
dot-updateProgressUpdate the progress status if option "datashield.progress" is...
dsAggregateAggregate data
dsAssignExprAssign an expression result
dsAssignResourceAssign a resource object
dsAssignTableAssign a data table
dsConnectCreate a connection to a DataSHIELD-aware data repository
DSConnection-classDSConnection class
dsDisconnectDisconnect (close) a connection
DSDriver-classDSDriver class
dsFetchGet the raw result
dsGetInfoGet DataSHIELD-aware data repository metadata
dsHasResourceCheck remote resource exists
dsHasTableCheck remote table exists
DSI-packageDSI: 'DataSHIELD' Interface
dsIsAsyncAsynchronous result support
dsIsCompletedGet whether the operation is completed
dsKeepAliveKeep a connection alive
dsListMethodsGet the DataSHIELD methods
dsListPackagesGet the DataSHIELD packages
dsListProfilesGet the DataSHIELD profiles
dsListResourcesList remote resources
dsListSymbolsList symbols
dsListTablesList remote tables
dsListWorkspacesGet the DataSHIELD workspaces
DSLoginBuilderDataSHIELD login details builder
DSObject-classDSObject class
DSResult-classDSResult class
dsRmSymbolRemove a symbol
dsRmWorkspaceRemove a DataSHIELD workspace
dsSaveWorkspaceSave the DataSHIELD R session in a workspace
hidden_aliasesInternal page for hidden aliases
newDSLoginBuilderCreate a new DataSHIELD login details builder
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