Man pages for DStree
Recursive Partitioning for Discrete-Time Survival Trees

bagBagging Discrete-Time Survival Trees
dis.costConvert observed time points in Copenhagen Stroke Study data...
DStreeFit a discrete-time survival tree
DStree.controlControl arguments for DStree algorithm
DStree-internalInternal Functions
DStree.objectDStree Object
plot.DStreePlot a DStree Object
predict.DStreePredictions from a fitted DStree Object
predict.DStreebagPrediction from bagged Discrete-Time Survival Trees
prune.DStreePrune a fitted survival tree
snipCost-complexity Pruning of a DStree Object
summary.DStreeSummarize a Fitted DStree Object
survPrint fitted Survival and Hazard Probabilites of a DStree...
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