Man pages for DTDA
Doubly Truncated Data Analysis

ACSAcute Coronary Syndrome data
ACSredAcute Coronary Syndrome reduced data
AIDSAIDS Blood Transfusion Data
AIDS.DTAIDS Blood Transfusion Data
ChildCancerChildhood Cancer Data
densityDTEstimation of a kernel density function under random double...
DTDA-packageDoubly Truncated Data Analysis
efron.petrosianDoubly truncated data analysis with the first Efron-Petrosian...
EqSRoundedEquipment-S Rounded Failure Time Data
hazardDTEstimation of the kernel hazard function under random double...
lyndenDoubly truncated data analysis with the second...
PDearlyParkinson's Disease Data: early onset
PDlateParkinson's Disease Data: late onset
QuasarsQuasars Data
rsim.DTRandom generation functions of doubly truncated data
shenDoubly truncated data analysis with the Shen algorithm
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