Man pages for DatABEL
File-Based Access to Large Matrices Stored on HDD in Binary Format

apply2dfoapplies a function to a 'databel' object
databelinitiates databel object
databel2matrixconverts 'databel' to matrix
databel2textExports DatABEL object to a text file
databel-classDatABEL class
DatABEL-internalInternal DatABEL objects
DatABEL-packageDatABEL package for fast consecutive access to large...
extract_text_file_columnsextracts columns from text file
get_temporary_file_namegenerates temporary file name
make_empty_fvfmakes empty filevector object
matrix2databelconverts matrix to 'databel'
process_lm_output'apply2dfo'-associated functions
text2databelconverts text file to filevector format
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