Man pages for DataExplorer
Data Explorer

create_reportcreate_report Function
DataExplorer-packageData Explorer
dot-getAllMissingGet all missing columns
dot-getPageLayoutCalculate page layout index
dot-ignoreCatTruncate category
drop_columnsDrop selected variables
dummifyDummify discrete features to binary columns
group_categoryGroup categories for discrete features
introduceDescribe basic information
plot_barPlot bar chart
plot_boxplotCreate boxplot for continuous features
plot_correlationCreate correlation heatmap for discrete features
plotDataExplorerDefault DataExplorer plotting function
plotDataExplorer.gridPlot objects with gridExtra
plotDataExplorer.multiplePlot multiple objects
plotDataExplorer.singlePlot single object
plot_densityPlot density estimates
plot_histogramPlot histogram
plot_introPlot introduction
plot_missingPlot missing value profile
plot_prcompVisualize principle component analysis
plot_qqPlot QQ plot
plot_scatterplotCreate scatterplot for all features
plot_strVisualize data structure
profile_missingProfile missing values
set_missingSet all missing values to indicated value
split_columnsSplit data into discrete and continuous parts
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