Man pages for DataVisualizations
Visualizations of High-Dimensional Data

ABCbarplotBarplot with Sorted Data Colored by ABCanalysis
AccountingInformation_PrimeStandard_Q3_2019Accounting Information in the Prime Standard in Q3 in 2019...
BimodalityAmplitudeBimodality Amplitude
categoricalVariableA categorical Feature.
ChoroplethmapPlots the Choropleth Map
ChoroplethPostalCodesAndAGS_GermanyPostal Codes and AGS of Germany for a Choropleth Map
ClassBoxPlotCreates Boxplot plot for all classes
ClassMDplotClass MDplot for Data w.r.t. all classes
ClassPDEplotPDE Plot for all classes
ClassPDEplotMaxLikeliCreate PDE plot for all classes with maximum likelihood
CombineColsCombine vectors of various lengths
CrosstableCrosstable plot
DataVisualizations-packageVisualizations of High-Dimensional Data
DefaultColorSequenceDefault color sequence for plots
DensityScatterScatter Density Plot
DualaxisClassplotDualaxis Classplot
FanplotThe fan plot
FundamentalData_Q1_2018Fundamental Data of the 1st Quarter in 2018
GoogleMapsCoordinatesGoogle Maps with marked coordinates
HeatmapHeatmap for Clustering
HeatmapColorsDefault color sequence for plots
inPSphere2D2D data points in Pareto Sphere
InspectBoxplotsInspect Boxplots
InspectCorrelationInspect the Correlation
InspectDistancesInspection of Distance-Distribution
InspectScatterplotsPairwise scatterplots and optimal histograms
InspectStandardizationQQplot of Data versus Normalized Data
InspectVariableVisualization of Distribution of one variable
ITSIncome Tax Share
JitterUniqueValuesJitters Unique Values
Lsun3DLsun3D inspired by FCPS
MAplotMinus versus Add plot
MDplotMirrored Density plot (MD-plot)
MDplot4multiplevectorsMirrored Density plot (MD-plot)for Multiple Vectors
MTYMuncipal Income Tax Yield
OptimalNoBinsOptimal Number Of Bins
ParetoDensityEstimationPareto Density EstimationV2
ParetoRadiusParetoRadius for distributions
PDEplotPDE plot
PDEscatterScatter Density Plot
PiechartThe pie chart
PixelmatrixPlot of a Pixel Matrix
Plot3D3D plot of points
PlotMissingvaluesPlot of the Amount Of Missing Values
PlotProductratioProduct-Ratio Plot
PmatrixColormapP-Matrix colors
QQplotQQplot with a Linear Fit
ShepardDensityScatterShepard PDE scatter
SheparddiagramDraws a Shepard Diagram
SignedLogSigned Log
SilhouetteplotSilhouette plot of classified data.
SlopechartSlope Chart
SmoothedDensitiesXYSmoothed Densities X with Y
stat_pde_densityCalculate Pareto density estimation for ggplot2 plots
StatPDEdensityPareto Density Estimation
Worldmapplots a world map by country codes
zplotPlotting for 3 dimensional data
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