Man pages for Deducer
A Data Analysis GUI for R

add.cross.strata.testApply a Stratified test to a Contingency Table
add.mantel.haenszelApply the Mantel-Haenszel test to a Contingency Table
add.testApply a test to a Contingency Tables object
as.matrix.cor.matrixas.matrix method
chi.noncentral.confNon-central Chi-Squared Confidence Interval
contingency.tablesContingency Tables
dwrapper for data.frame
deducerGUI Access functions
deducer.addmenuControls Deducer's command line menus
descriptive.tableTable of Descriptives
develDeducer's plug-in development tools
extract.countsExtract Contingency Table Arrays
frequenciesFrequency Tables
get.objectsget objects
ggcorplotCorrelation matrix
k.sample.testK Sample Test
likelihood.testLikelihood Ratio (G test) for contingency tables
one.sample.testOne Sample Test
oneway.plotOne Way PLot
permVector Permutations
perm.t.testPermutation t-test
plot.cor.matrixPlot method
print.contingency.tablesPrint method
print.contin.tablePrint method
print.contin.testsPrint method
print.cor.matrixPrint method
print.freq.tablePrint method
print.multi.testPrint method
rocplotROC Plot for a logistic regression model Data
summarylmSummary table for a linear model -> data.frame
two.sample.testTwo Sample Test
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