Man pages for Delta
Measure of Agreement Between Two Raters

CheckInputMain Check Input function
CheckInputDataCheck Input Matrix function
CheckSamplingCheck Sampling type function
DeltaDelta coefficient function
GetAsinDeltaParamsCalculate Asintotic Delta related parameters function
GetBCalculate B function
GetCovarianceCalculate Covariance function
GetDeltaParamsCalculate Delta related parameters function
GetDeltaParamsVarCalculate Delta related parameters variance function
GetDeltaPiCalculate Delta and Pi parameters function
GetDeltaProblemTypeGet Delta problem type function
GetGoodnessCalculate Goodness of fit function
GetKappaCalculate Cohen's Kappa coefficient function
GetKappaProblemTypeGet Kappa problem type function
GetM1Get reduced matrix (M1) function
GetMxGet matrix of the problem (Mx) function
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