Man pages for DiceEval
Construction and Evaluation of Metamodels

crossValidationK-fold Cross Validation
dataIRSN5D5D benchmark from nuclear criticality safety assessments
foldsCompositionSetting up the Cross Validation
formulaAmConstruction of a formula Y~s(X1)+...+s(Xp)
formulaLmConstruction of a formula Y \~ X1+...+Xp
MAEMean Absolute Error
modelComparisonComparison of different types of metamodels
modelFitFitting metamodels
modelPredictPrediction at newdata for a fitted metamodel
penaltyPolyMARSChoice of the penalty parameter for a PolyMARS model
R2Multiple R-Squared
residualsStudyPlot residuals
RMARelative Maximal Absolute Error
RMSERoot Mean Squared Error
stepEvolutionEvolution of the stepwise model
testCrossValidationTest the robustess of the cross-validation procedure
testIRSN5DA set of test data
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