Man pages for DrInsight
Drug Repurposing: Integration and Systematic Investigation of Genomic High Throughput Data

brca.tcgaA sample breast cancer gene differential expression analysis... The Pathway-CEG Network for A Drug
drug.identDr. Insight Drug Identification
drug.infoThe matrix containing the drug instances information of CMap...
example.diseaseAn example gene differential expression analysis test...
example.drug.profilesAn example cmap drug reference profiles
get.cmap.refRead In and Process CMap Reference Profiles
make.cytoscape.networkDrug and Pathway connection output files for Cytoscape...
network.graphPlot Drug and Pathway Interaction Network
pathway.analysisDrug Mechanism of Action Pathway Analysis
pathway.PIDpathway.PID matrix of Affymetrix probe IDs and gene symbols...
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