DynTxRegime: Methods for Estimating Dynamic Treatment Regimes

A comprehensive toolkit for estimating Dynamic Treatment Regimes. Available methods include Interactive Q-Learning, Q-Learning, and value-search methods based on Augmented Inverse Probability Weighted estimators and Inverse Probability Weighted estimators.

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AuthorS. T. Holloway, E. B. Laber, K. A. Linn, B. Zhang, M. Davidian, and A. A. Tsiatis
Date of publication2015-06-11 07:27:32
MaintainerShannon T. Holloway <sthollow@ncsu.edu>

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Man pages

bmiData: Adolescent BMI dataset (generated toy example)

buildModelObjSubset: Create Model Objects for Subsets of Data.

class-DynTxRegime: Class '"DynTxRegime"'

DynTxRegime-internal-api: ~~

DynTxRegime-package: Methods for Estimating Dynamic Treatment Regimes

iqLearnFS: IQ-Learning: First-Stage Regression of Estimated Second-Stage...

iqLearnFSC: IQ-Learning: First-Stage Regression of Second-Stage Estimated...

iqLearnSS: IQ-Learning: Second-Stage Regression

iqLearnVar: IQ-Learning: Variance of First-Stage Regression of...

methods-classif: Retrieve Classification Value Object

methods-coef: Extract Model Coefficients

methods-estimator: Mean Predicted Outcome

methods-fitObject: Modeling Function Value Objects

methods-fittedCont: Extract Fitted Contrast Functions

methods-fittedMain: Extract Fitted Main Effects

methods-genetic: Retrieve the Result of the Genetic Algorithm Optimization

methods-optTx: Methods to Retrieve Estimated or to Predict Optimal Treatment

methods-outcome: Retrieve Regression Objects for the Outcome Regression Models

methods-plot: Generate Standard Plots

methods-propen: Retrieve Regression Objects for Propensity for Treatment

methods-qqPlot: IQ-Learning: Generate QQ-Plots for Variance Modeling .

methods-Qstep: Step of an DynTxRegime method

methods-regimeCoef: Retrieve Regime Parameter Estimates

methods-residuals: Extract Model Residuals

methods-show: Show an Object

methods-stdDev: Standard Deviation of IQ-Learning Variance Step

methods-summary: Summary Results

methods-ValueFuncs: Q-functions for All Treatment Options

optimalClass: Classification Based Robust Estimation of Optimal Dynamic...

optimalSeq: Regression Based Value-Search Estimation of Optimal Dynamic...

plugInValue: Estimate Plug-in Value

qLearn: Q-learning


bmiData Man page
buildModelObjSubset Man page
classif Man page
classif,DynTxRegime-method Man page
coef Man page
coef,DynTxRegime-method Man page
DTRstep Man page
DTRstep,DynTxRegime-method Man page
DynTxRegime Man page
DynTxRegime-class Man page
DynTxRegime-package Man page
estimator Man page
estimator,DynTxRegime-method Man page
fitObject Man page
fitObject,DynTxRegime-method Man page
fittedCont Man page
fittedCont,DynTxRegime-method Man page
fittedMain Man page
fittedMain,DynTxRegime-method Man page
genetic Man page
genetic,DynTxRegime-method Man page
iqLearnFSC Man page
iqLearnFSM Man page
iqLearnFSV Man page
iqLearnSS Man page
length,List-method Man page
[[<-,List-method Man page
[[,List-method Man page
optimalClass Man page
optimalSeq Man page
optTx Man page
optTx,DynTxRegime,data.frame-method Man page
optTx,DynTxRegime,missing-method Man page
outcome Man page
outcome,DynTxRegime-method Man page
plot Man page
plot,DynTxRegime-method Man page
plugInValue Man page
propen Man page
propen,DynTxRegime-method Man page
qFuncs Man page
qFuncs,DynTxRegime-method Man page
qFuncs,IQEst-method Man page
qFuncs,IQLearnFS_VHom-method Man page
qFuncs,OptimalClass-method Man page
qFuncs,OptimalSeq-method Man page
qFuncs,QLearnEst-method Man page
qLearn Man page
[[<-,QLearnEstList-method Man page
qqPlot Man page
qqPlot,DynTxRegime-method Man page
qqPlot,IQLearnFS_VHet-method Man page
regimeCoef Man page
regimeCoef,DynTxRegime-method Man page
residuals Man page
residuals,DynTxRegime-method Man page
show Man page
show,DynTxRegime-method Man page
show-methods Man page
stdDev Man page
stdDev,DynTxRegime-method Man page
summary Man page
summary,DynTxRegime-method Man page
summary-methods Man page


R/optimalClass_AIPWE.R R/A11Classes_OptimalClass.R R/iqLearn_pm.R R/A02Classes_TxInfo.R R/iqEst.R R/txUtilities.R R/optimalSeq_IPWE.R R/eliminateSingleTx.R R/fitUtilities.R R/iqLearn_optTx1.R R/methods-DynTxRegime.R R/A10Classes_OptimalSeq.R R/A04Classes_SimpleFit.R R/iqLearnFSC.R R/fitPropen.R R/modelObjSubset.R R/qLearn_optTx_testSet.R R/iqLearnFSM.R R/A03Classes_ModelObjSubset.R R/optimalSeq_AIPWE.R R/optimalClass_classification.R R/errors.R R/A09Classes_OtherFits.R R/iqLearnSS.R R/1Generics.R R/optimalClass_IPWE.R R/A05Classes_IterateFit.R R/optimalSeq.R R/A06Classes_IQLearn.R R/A01Classes.R R/A08Classes_QLearn.R R/A07Classes_SubsetFit.R R/qLearn.R R/plugInValue.R R/qLearnEst.R R/fitCombined.R R/optimalClass.R R/fitIterate.R R/iqLearnVar.R R/methods-qFuncs.R R/optimalCore.R
man/iqLearnVar.Rd man/class-DynTxRegime.Rd man/methods-regimeCoef.Rd man/methods-show.Rd man/methods-fitObject.Rd man/methods-outcome.Rd man/DynTxRegime-package.Rd man/methods-summary.Rd man/iqLearnFS.Rd man/methods-coef.Rd man/methods-estimator.Rd man/methods-plot.Rd man/optimalSeq.Rd man/qLearn.Rd man/methods-classif.Rd man/optimalClass.Rd man/methods-Qstep.Rd man/DynTxRegime-internal-api.Rd man/plugInValue.Rd man/buildModelObjSubset.Rd man/iqLearnFSC.Rd man/methods-qqPlot.Rd man/methods-optTx.Rd man/methods-fittedMain.Rd man/methods-fittedCont.Rd man/methods-residuals.Rd man/bmiData.Rd man/methods-genetic.Rd man/methods-ValueFuncs.Rd man/iqLearnSS.Rd man/methods-propen.Rd man/methods-stdDev.Rd
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