DynareR-package: DynareR: A Seamless Integration of 'R' and 'Dynare'

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DynareR: A Seamless Integration of 'R' and 'Dynare'


It allows running 'Dynare' program from base R and R Markdown. 'Dynare' is a software platform for handling a wide class of economic models, in particular dynamic stochastic general equilibrium ('DSGE') and overlapping generations ('OLG') models. This package does not only integrate R and Dynare but also serves as a 'Dynare' Knit-Engine for 'knitr' package. The package requires 'Dynare' (<https://www.dynare.org/>) and 'Octave' (<https://www.gnu.org/software/octave/download.html>). Write all your 'Dynare' commands in R or R Markdown chunk.


Maintainer: Sagiru Mati smati@smati.com.ng (ORCID)

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Other important functions: add_path(), eng_dynare(), import_log(), include_IRF(), run_dynare(), run_models(), set_dynare_version(), set_octave_path(), write_dyn(), write_mod()

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